Joseph Tinoco

I am a skilled software developer, experienced in the enterprise and the web.

I have more than a decade of experience working in tech projects for many industries such as banking, consulting, advertising, e-learning and even the public service.

My education

Tech skills

Professional history and goals

My first job out of university was a programmer analyst position in a local bank. Then I branched into consulting and specialized in project management - a skill that I carried over to the digital advertising industry, where I led important projects for big clients. Many involved innovative technology, and a couple of them were awarded in Cannes.

My true passion is coding, so I am focused exclusively in developer roles from now on. Along with my current studies, I've been working extensively with modern web development in part-time projects, personal projects and also internships/co-ops. I would also love to work with SaaS or enterprise development - if it is challenging, count me in!

Some projects on the side

The source code for all of those is in my Github.